Sunday, February 7, 2016


I've continued to work on My "secret" project, which has drained My time.  My Los Angeles schedule will go back to normal at the end of March.  Until then, I wanted to post My schedule:

Los Angeles -taking sessions on Sunday, 2/28 only.

New York -taking sessions 2/12 and 2/15 in the evening only.  *only slaves I know. 

March -taking sessions 3/5 - 3/7 evenings only in Las Vegas.  A private dungeon about 5 mins from the strip.

March 14-16 -takings sessions day & evenings in San Francisco.  I will be playing in a reputable dungeon in the  Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

Looking forward to playing!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello 2016!

New Year, New Pictures!  Website to be updated soon.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chi Temple Naughty List Xmas Party!

Kinky Karaoke! Fetish Festivities!  Merry Masochism & More!

Mistresses Jezebel, Georgia and Damiana would like to invite you to an evening of  holiday debauchery alongside very special guests:
Simone Justice, Nicolette Rule, Athena Fatale,  Miss O , Eva Cruz and 
Edie Elson 
Friday, December 18th
6-10PM at the Chi Temple, Downtown LA
Admission $150 Pre-Pay,  $175 Door

Each admission comes with a ticket to play with a Domme!  Additional tickets can be purchased for $20 for each 10 minutes of playtime! Please RSVP to be put on this very special  Naughty List. Beer. wine & Non-alcoholic refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Our October fundraiser to help our dear friend, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire, was sold out and more fun that I can even describe here!  I dressed as a boss lady for the occasion as I noticed that the list of attendees included quite a few corporal punishment junkies and pain sluts!  More to come!

As many of you know, I came out of retirement after a 5 year hiatus. It's been wonderful to re-connect with My stable of slaves. Thank you for coming back to Me, I feel so fulfilled!  I dove headfirst back into things and the above picture (October 2015) was My first extended session with a slave that I own.  More adventures, updates and party info to come!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recent Extended Session

I spent my Labor Day weekend putting this slave into bondage and had a great time! My friend, Mistress Jezebel joined Me for some of the fun as well. She enjoyed forcing him to drink her urine, haha! I impaled him with a cock then put him in bondage for hours. Fun times! -Mistress Georgia

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Brutal Caning for the Man from Down Under

I was visiting Southern California for work when I felt that I was overdue for a thrashing. Well not being in Australia at the time, and with the need building I did some research to find an appropriate lady in the area to satisfy my needs. It was admittedly late at night so I do not recall which site I found Mistress Georgia on however she intrigued me enough to request an appointment. Well, there was a hitch, I only had limited availability before I moved on and she does not accept same day bookings. As I found out later she generally does not accept new clients either. But I pressed on, completing a very detailed email, not only following her website instructions but ensuring that I told her everything.

Basically I waned a severe thrashing and I told Georgia about my experience. Next morning I received an email from her advising that she would be at the site that day and more importantly she was prepared to see me at this short notice, mainly because she absolutely loved dispensing sever canings. It also transpires that she appreciated the detail I went not, especially following her instructions.

Arrangements were made for that afternoon, and I endured a very rainy drive to LA to meet her. One of the things I told Georgia was that I do not normally do the whole Mistress/sub thing and that what I was seeking from that afternoon was a fun time where she could practice her sadism and me my masochism. I would however not attempt to Top from the bottom, that I would respect her position as the one wielding the cane but above al we should have fun.

I arrived on time and was promptly led into her well sound proofed studio. She was absolutely gorgeous! she was also very warm and willing, not a bitch, putting me at ease. She told me that she had extremely high expectations of me that afternoon, and she intended that I take everything she gave. She also told me that her clients were the most masochistic in the US.

After I was allowed to prepare myself, physically and most importantly mentally I returned to the room where she had laid out the straps and canes she intended using on me. She pointed out the light whippy canes, which I assumed she would use most on me, but I was advised that 'oh no' they are just for the warm up' and she that a loving, warm smile when she said that. Canes I thought I would most definitely not take were on the left, the side where the implements she said she would use were placed. The non rattan/bamboo canes were on the right but she picked up a thick acryllic, solid cane and put it on the left - what was I in for?

We started with a spanking with me laying on the leather bound 'bed' over her lap - that is when she told me, with that same proud smile, that she was left handed, so I was have an unusual experience. It didn't take her long to get up a fast and hard pace with the spanking, every so often caressing my buttocks to gauge the warmth - yes this was most certainly a professional. All the while we maintained a normal 'getting to know you' conversation.

Once she was satisfied with the spanking we moved to a strap, once again fast, increasing the heat just as quickly. Then she brought the first warm up cane and started 'massaging me' not only on my buttocks but all down my legs and across my back. The buttocks received the more intense 'massaging' as I expected marks there, but the back and legs felt wonderful under the percussive massage. She then ramped up the intensity and also covered my 'love spot' the area just under the buttocks, the seat. I normally hate being caned down there but there was something special in the way Georgia encouraged me to take it that I just could't resist.

Soon Georgia moved to the thicker of the 'warm up' canes, and again I received a fast percussive warm up. I was mover to the horse to finish off the wry up and start the caning proper, however it transpired that I received the caning better lying down so back to the bed I went. I also started feeling the spray of blood at each strike - this normally tells me that I am almost done but Georgia assured me that I was only at 6 or 7, out of ten, and she had greater plans for me. Once again we were talking throughout, almost maintaining a normal conversation (about canings!), the only differences were the oooos and yeses as the caning got harder, wit the occasional oow, which I was promptly advised should only be used when I was struck where I shouldn't have been, which in Georgia's case was highly unlikely if not impossible. Georgia also talked me through my breathing techniques to ensure I would get maximum benefit from each stroke.

The caning proper started in earnest with a thicker cane, somewhat thicker than I thought I would take. Unlike the warm ups, where she pulled back as the stroke hit, she now followed through, ensuring that I would really feel each stroke. The canings were grouped in rapid but full force sets with short intervals to allow me some recovery, then followed by more. I lost count but Georgia clearly didn't as she would announce that she wanted me to tae ten more before retiring that cane and progressing to another, thus ensuring that I had a target to achieve and no less would satisfy her.

I was exposed to the acrylic cane; if I remember correctly about 30 strokes, then another strap, and then Georgia told me that she wanted to take me to my limit, 10, bringing out the bath brush. After a few warm up strokes I received ten full force per buttock, then a break and then ten more on one cheek which was supposed to be followed by ten more on the other but I think that we got to eight when she stopped as the brush was broken!

The canings finished with a number of sets of ten with another cane until Georgia announced that my body would take no more. Looking at the photo I have to agree. I was then rewarded for taking the full force of her canings. Before she gave me a Golden Shower, directing her piss into my mouth then over my body she poured some of her nectar into a glass with some ice and offered it to me as a beverage.

The session finished with more talking and reassurance from Georgia, to ensure that I came 'down'. It was then time to see how much blood there was. By far the most severe caning with the marks to prove it, two or three layers if skin removed.

Georgia is a true, caring and dedicated lady who knows how to dispense a thrashing, enjoying every minute of it while ensuring you do too. She knows exactly when to slow down to let you recover and ramp up the pace to take you to the next level, far beyond you thought you could go. Thank you Georgia, I will be back.