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Great Review -Double with Grace Marie By kirk

I recently had the privledge of serving two of the most beautiful and talented Mistresses in Los Angeles in what was my first doubles session. 

What made it even more of a treat for me is that these two fire-haired vixens also happen to be individually the only ladies I play with on a regular basis. 

I have been a slave of Mistress Georgia Payne for 15 years and Lady Grace for the past 3 . The idea of these two combining their formidable talents seemed like a dangerous proposition, so I naturally jumped at the chance. 

After making the mistake of referring to Georgia as my wife and Grace as my girlfriend, in a joking manner ( over pre-session text messages ) It was decided the session would be based on just that . 

I would later learn that these two had plotted and schemed over a casual lunch earlier that week , exactly what they would be subjecting me to .

I was greeted at the dungeon door by the beautiful Lady Grace Marie in her always sultry fashion. She quickly had me stripped , bound and laid out across the leather bondage bed .

Funny how as you watch a beautiful woman mummify your body in Saran Wrap , the end predicament simply doesn't seem important. 
Lady Grace can have that effect on you . She can hypnotize you with her deliberately slow sexy movements.

Once she had me securely fastened me to the bondage bed , Lady Grace jumped right into some adventurous electrical play but it wasn't long before the door swung open and through it came a none-to-happy Mistress Georgia Payne . She scolded us both for our jovial , talkative style of play and had me gagged before I could even say another word. There was no doubt about who would be controlling the rest of this session. 

After telling Lady Grace that it wasn't only me that was in trouble but in fact , she would be dealing with her in the very near future as well, Mistress Georgia began focusing her attention on her wayward slave who found himself in a most unfortunate position that would soon be much tighter and much darker with the addition of a blindfold which would not be coming off anytime soon!

After some play from both mistresses with a crescendo for me of Mistress Georgia expertly wrapping her hands around my throat and giving me what only she can in her sadistic and beautifully talented way. It was then that Mistress Georgia whispered in my ear her true intention all along. This session wasn't mine . It never was and she planned it that way . She used me to get what she wanted and what she wanted at that moment was Lady Grace .

As my blindfold was slowly removed , I was greeted with the vision of Mistress Georgia standing above me with her strap locked and loaded , but this time the target wasn't me. That was the point . As she laughed and slowly walked away from me I could hear the click of her heels moving closer to Lady Grace.

Lady Grace's breasts had been bound while I was blindfolded . I could not bring myself to look , but I heard the slaps that I would later learn is exactly the kind of play Lady Grace Marie enjoys ( on the rare occasion when she does switch)

This was power exchange at it's finest and it was headed in only one direction . Before long, Lady Grace's true " punishment" had begun . With every thrust , push and pull you could hear the sadist laugh and the Lady fall deeper under her spell...But then again , the way in which Mistress Georgia was responding to Lady Grace's response made it hard to tell who was casting a spell on whom... It sounded rough , but obviously enjoyable for both.

I should point out that perhaps the cruelest and most sadistic part of this story is that sure , Mistress Georgia wanted to take Lady Grace , but that wouldn't be enough for a truly sadistic mistress such as she . She knew that her slave had a weakness and it wasn't needles or ropes or the cane . It was his mind and his own prudish morality when it comes to sex , that would torture him most. She knew that even though two women whom he worshiped and served were so near , doing what most men would find an unimaginable fantasy . She knew that he wouldn't look ! He couldn't look ! He wouldn't allow himself to look !

She was right and as I caught only glimpses of Mistress Georgia's face in the mirror I realized that this was perhaps her finest hour . This one wouldn't heal in a week or a month . No this one would be with me forever ....
Is it any wonder we all love this woman so damn much !?

The attention would eventually turn to me and I too was taken , but it was a group effort . As the two Mistresses played off of each other I could sense that they had in fact created an evil bond during all of that power exchange .

I was in trouble and for the next hour or so I was indeed...
in the best kind of way . The banter between them was fluid and witty , but always at my expense . It's hard to get the last word with a gag in your mouth!

The night ended with something of a celebration of what had been achieved . Two very accomplished women had formed a bond --a bond that is sure to prove deadly for those brave enough to enter their world . A world where, from where I stand anything can happen......

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

TimeOut: The Best Dominatrix Professionals in LA

Article Can Be Found Here:

Complete Interview Below.

Mistress Georgia Payne

Early 40’s.

How long have you been a Pro-Domme? 
I’ve been a Pro-Domme for 2 decades!

How did you get into the industry?
I briefly changed My major in college to anthropology field study and had decided to do My paper on BDSM.  I made a trip into the city (NYC) and interviewed the ladies of a renowned house (dungeon), participated in some cameos, and discovered that I was a natural!  I asked if I could work there and learn from the pros, and that’s how it began.  I have been involved in the Pro-Domme Scene ever since and it’s been almost 20 years!  With this level of experience, My slaves know that when W/we play, they are getting the real deal.  I understand the true essence of power exchange.

What is your specialty as a dominatrix?
I'm very well known for My love of Corporal Discipline. The cane is My absolute favorite implement and I won't even pick it up if My slave cannot take My minimum requirement of 50 strokes. I also conduct extended sessions that often include 24 hours or an entire weekend of real time slavery. Typically, I will rent out the dungeon, or a loft/house if looking for a domestic feel, with hours of different types of play, public excursions etc. Extended sessions lend themselves to intense psychological play, so beware the slave had better be ready!

Do you have a favorite device/toy/machine/etc? And why is it your favorite? 
My favorite implements mostly include toys within the corporal punishment arena:  single tail whips, canes, straps (rubber and leather), paddles, etc. I also prefer hemp rope for bondage sessions and have plenty of it in different colors!

What is your favorite safe word? 
“Mercy” is the typical safe word I allow My slaves to use. As an instinctual Domme, a slave using a safe word during a session doesn’t occur. I know when they’re pushed to their limit before they should cry mercy.

Who are your typical clients? 
My slaves come from all walks of life from lawyer to celebrity to truck driver! In general, BDSM is more of a game played with slaves that have more of a disposable income or have saved for that special occasion.

Who are your most unusual clients? 
In My line of work, it's hard to label anyone as "unusual." My most interesting (and fun) slave is one that has a fetish for My hair. I've trained him to wash, brush and style My hair. This training also includes hair kissing protocol and service to My friend's hair as well. He is My sissy hair-stylist!

Are you friends with any of your clients?
Having been in the Scene for 2 decades, a few of My slaves have naturally crossed over into Scene friends over the years. 

What is your personal fetish?
I am an architect of mind games and an insatiable sadist. 

What is a turn-off for you?
Some of the slaves that I have chosen to play with on occasion become overly attached to Me as a Domme. They end-up craving attention that I am not interested in providing.  It is difficult for slaves to realize that O/our play is reserved for a timed session, which by design is intended to push the limits of reality.  Their obsession becomes greedy, and they cannot overcome a desire for more of My time and energy outside of a session.  There are also Scene activities that I don’t enjoy which include:  smothering/face sitting, body worship, adult baby, puppy play, any exchange of bodily fluids and anything considered sexual or illegal.

Do you find sexual pleasure in the roll of dominatrix?
Play in the Scene provides a mental arousal rather the traditional sense of sexual pleasure.  For instance, recently I had a session where I broke My slave.  My slave was pushed to his mental and physical edge –he went as far as he could go with Me. Cathartically, My slave let himself go, expressed his true vulnerability and wept. I am a sadist above all in the Scene; I get a high from breaking someone mentally and physically.  The combination of the two is the ultimate turn on for Me.  This sort of intense play is between two people who are choosing to go to the limit.  A session of this magnitude is very special and is suitable for those who desire such a journey.  These experiences are rare achievements in the years that I have played. I cherish those sessions, and they are amongst the most stimulating for Me.

What’s the best or most extravagant gift you’ve received from a sub?
Meaningful gifts of all extravagance have been bestowed, yet here I believe it inappropriate to enumerate (brag) about it.  Let’s keep those details private.

Any etiquette tips for new clients? 
Be respectful and do your research. If a Domme asks for you to include background information (i.e. experience, level of play and detailed interests) you shall give the Mistress as much information as you can or comfortable sharing. The more that she knows about you, the better the session. Above all, remember that a dominatrix does NOT HAVE SEX or participate in anything sexual or illegal. If that’s what you’re looking for, go elsewhere. Most Dommes require a reference as well as a session deposit prior to first time play. Never expect to set up a same day session. Dommes are sometimes booked a couple of weeks in advance –you have to be patient. Canceling abruptly is also frowned upon as Dommes take the time to plan the session. Giving 24 hours notice or more is appropriate and welcome.

What is the most memorable or outrageous request from a client? 
One of My slaves often requests custom BDSM games for us to play. I absolutely love it, and his sessions are among My favorites. For instance: I created a game of darts.  I would string him up, bulls eye his ass with a red marker ~and throw real darts at it!  The darts would actually stick in the skin!  I had rewards written on each dart layer (for Me, a reward being 100 canes or 50 clothes pins).  Whatever I wanted! I also created a game called 21 spoons where I would administer 21 of the heaviest strokes that I could muster with a wooden spoon.  If I broke the spoon on his ass before I got to 21, then I would get to start over with a new spoon.  If the spoon was intact before 21, then he lucked out with only 21 strokes.  I love games J. Let’s play!

What question do you get asked more than anything else?
I often get asked, What do I personally want out of a session?   To answer this question, I will start by saying that I feel that I am a fortunate Mistress!  As I have mentioned, I have been a professional Domme for years.  This tenure has allowed Me to develop and hone My training requirements, as a result building a stable of slaves that suits me very well!  So, I get what I want.  Generally speaking, I want or envision to go on a  journey with a slave, find the place where one’s hidden themselves and open that special door to be free. That is what makes playing so infinitely interesting. With each of them, the journey is never ending, limits found and pushed further.  Over the years with a slave, I construct a realm that delves deeper and deeper into their mind.

You're a published author, can you tell us a little about your book?
I co-wrote a book titled How to be a Dominant Diva that received national media coverage including: The O'Reilly Factor, Redbook Magazine, David Lee Roth Radio and The Kevin and Bean Show. How to Be a Dominant Diva focuses on giving couples the inspiration and tools to explore eroticism, role-play and power exchange in a way that is exciting but never intimidating! It's an innovative sex book full of 69 frisky, daring games that challenge couples to stretch their sexual boundaries and boost their bond. Over the years My slaves would complain that they couldn't figure out how to introduce their girlfriends or wives to female dominance. I wanted to come up with a way to introduce this lifestyle in a way that was sexy, not scary and in a language that they could relate to. Similarly, women that I instructed also voiced that they got the concept of female dominance, but didn't know where to start. I came up with role-play games that included passion props, goddess tips, and a pathway to navigate the games from start to finish. The games have been a good way for women to get their feet wet in a way that wasn't intimidating to them. I teamed up with sex writer Julie Taylor (who writes for Cosmopolitan and Redbook) so that the language was non-threatening and most of all an empowering book of female domination. 


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I've continued to work on My "secret" project, which has drained My time.  My Los Angeles schedule will go back to normal at the end of March.  Until then, I wanted to post My schedule:

Los Angeles -taking sessions on Sunday, 2/28 only.

New York -taking sessions 2/12 and 2/15 in the evening only.  *only slaves I know. 

March -taking sessions 3/5 - 3/7 evenings only in Las Vegas.  A private dungeon about 5 mins from the strip.

March 14-16 -takings sessions day & evenings in San Francisco.  I will be playing in a reputable dungeon in the  Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

Looking forward to playing!

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Hello 2016!

New Year, New Pictures!  Website to be updated soon.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chi Temple Naughty List Xmas Party!

Kinky Karaoke! Fetish Festivities!  Merry Masochism & More!

Mistresses Jezebel, Georgia and Damiana would like to invite you to an evening of  holiday debauchery alongside very special guests:
Simone Justice, Nicolette Rule, Athena Fatale,  Miss O , Eva Cruz and 
Edie Elson 
Friday, December 18th
6-10PM at the Chi Temple, Downtown LA
Admission $150 Pre-Pay,  $175 Door

Each admission comes with a ticket to play with a Domme!  Additional tickets can be purchased for $20 for each 10 minutes of playtime! Please RSVP to be put on this very special  Naughty List. Beer. wine & Non-alcoholic refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be served.