Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Caning

From My Masochist larry...

My beautiful Mistress Georgia's birthday is on February 2nd and every year at this time She gives me a very, very severe caning in celebration of Her birthday. Mistress Georgia has been caning me for several years both during Her birthday week and other times throughout the year and she always canes me the only way that She knows how, which is all out and always without any mercy for my slave ass. She sent me an e-mail and asked me if i was available on the Sunday before Her birthday so that She could beat my ass brutally with Her selection of canes and heavy spanking implement other implements that She chose to use to beat my ass to a bloody mess. Luckily, i was available on that date at the time that She requested for our session and i confirmed my availability for Her to cane my ass until Her heart was content.

Whenever i am scheduled to have a caning session with Her, i am always very excited and several days before my severe caning, i start an hourly countdown to the time that She will be able to inflict pain upon my ass. As the days and hours get closer to our caning session, i am at a fever pitch, especially during the final hour before i show up an Her dungeon for our session. i absolutely love taking severe Mistress Georgia style canings for my Mistress because i know how much it pleases Her when i take the severe caning for Her. i arrived at the appointed time the day of our session and my beautiful Mistress left me into Her play space. She was already dressed for our session so i knew that She was also at fever pitch and champing at the bit to begin beating my ass with Her canes. i used the restroom and then disrobed and went into the dungeon and knelt down to await Her entrance into the dungeon and the start of my agonizing, painful and brutal Mistress Georgia style caning.

i didn't have to wait too long before You walked into the dungeon. You were wearing a shiny black latex dress that went to Your mid thighs and thigh high black boots. my breath was taken away by the stunning beauty of my Mistress Georgia and my heart immediately began to beat faster and i started to go into head space in anticipation of the cruel corporal punishment that i was about to receive at the hands of my Mistress. This is one of my favorite outfits that You wear in our sessions (although any outfit You wear in our sessions is always fantastic) & i told You how beautiful & sexy that You looked in Your hot dominant outfit and You thanked me. You looked me directly in the eyes and proceeded to grab my nipples and squeeze them tightly. While squeezing my nipples tortuously, You told me that just because You were going to beat my ass so severely that it would bleed didn't mean that my nipples were weren't going to suffer severe pain too during my caning. i was told that i would have to wear alligator clips on my nipples for You during the entire session while You caned me.

You went over to the bondage table and brought back our favorite tight leather hood to put on me for the entire caning session. The leather hood was placed on my head and expertly adjusted until the eyes and nose were lined up perfectly on Your slave. You then began to very tightly lace the hood up starting from the top, tightening it and adjusting it as You moved down towards the bottom neck area of the hood. The final lacing was done and tied extremely tight upon my head exactly the way that You like it to be on Your soon to be caned slave. i could still see my beautiful Mistress Georgia as You had not yet zipped up the front of the hood leaving me in total darkness to think about my fate. You came around the front of me and looked me in the eyes and said that this was going to be the worst, most painful brutal caning that You had ever given to me and that when You were through caning and beating me, my ass would be an unbelievably bloody mess & i would probably mercy out because of the severity of Your canes. Those words echoed in my head and i used them as an inspiration to accept this as a challenge and i was determined to take all the beating of my ass that You would give me without begging for mercy. i knew that would please You very much since there would be no restraint on You in beating my ass so severely and sadistically with Your canes. Before You finally zipped up the front of the hood so that i could no longer see You, You held up a pair of Your glasses and asked me what i thought these were going to be used for in the session. i responded that i didn't know and You told me that as the caning You were going to give me got more severe, You were going to put the glasses on so that blood wouldn't get in Your eyes. With a huge smile on Your face, You told me that You were really looking forward to caning my ass so hard that it would splatter blood from my ass all over the lenses of Your glasses.

You then zipped up the front of the hood, enveloping me in darkness and denying me the sight of You in Your hot dominant outfit. It was now time for my nipples to suffer and You went over to the bondage table and came back with a pair of brutal, devious alligator clamps to put on them. You grabbed my left nipple and started to count down from five and when You reached one, You let go and the alligator clamp was securely and painfully fastened to my left nipple. i let out a deep breath and You were glad that i took the alligator clamp so well for You. You started another count down from five and secured the other alligator clamp painfully to my right nipple. Once again, i let out a deep breath. You stood back and admired Your handiwork and sadistic nipple torture on Your willing slave. You then placed separate strings through each nipple clamp and let them dangle.

You commanded me to stand up and i obediently did so and You took my hands and led me over to the horse where i would be secured so that You could cane me for as long as You wanted to beat Your slave's ass. You told me to mount the horse and get myself into a comfortable position as i would be in that position for the rest of the session as You severely beat my ass with Your canes to celebrate Your upcoming birthday. Once i positioned my legs on the horse so that i was comfortable, You told me to lay down my chest on the upper part of the horse. As i did so, my alligator clamped nipples pressed down on the horse just the way that You intended them to be for the Your birthday celebration caning of my ass. You then grabbed the rope that You had threaded through the alligator nipple clamps and pulled them back underneath my armpits and back towards You and then tied them both together across my back so that my nipple torture was accentuated for Your pleasure. You quickly went to the bondage table and got a pair of leather cuffs to help bind my arms down on the horse for my caning. You placed the first leather cuff on my right wrist and tightened it. In similar fashion, You did the same thing to my left wrist. Next You placed clips on the loops on the wrist cuffs and fastened them together so that my arms were immobilized on the front of the horse. You went back to the bondage table and the next thing that i felt was a wide leather strap being tightly tied to my left thigh. Once that was secured to Your satisfaction, You took the other leather strap and secured it tightly around my right thigh. i was almost secured the way that You wanted me to be for my severe caning but there were a couple of more details for You to attend to so that i was immovable on the horse while You caned me. You shifted each thigh cuff so that the metal loops on them were on the inside of my thighs. You then attached clips to each metal loop and also attached them to the rings on the horse. i was now completely fastened to the horse and Your birthday celebration caning fun was about to begin in earnest.

You once again told me that this would be the worst caning that You had ever given to me and that You would cane my ass without mercy in celebration of Your birthday. To temporarily distract me and get me more in the mood to take my severe caning for You, You began to tease my cock and balls area with those incredibly sensuous, erotic caresses of those areas with Your fingertips. You soon had me groaning with pleasure but of course i knew that was not going to last long. Once You had excited me, You began to warm my ass up with Your riding crop. i was already in a zone for You and You continued to beat my ass with the riding crop until You had gotten all the blood to the surface of my ass. You then told me that You were going to continue to use the riding crop on my ass for another 75 strokes and then You would go to the next warm up phase before the heavy caning would begin on my ass. With each stroke of the riding crop, i got into higher head space and You finished the 75 strokes on my ass. It was now time to move the warm up on my ass up a notch and You went over and retrieved one of Your canes. This was merely a warm up cane and would be nothing like the canes that You would use to beat my ass to a bloody pulp. You told me that You would start with 20 consecutive strokes on my ass from the warm up cane. The first blow of the cane struck my ass followed my 19 more hard canes from You. You told me that You were pleased with the way that i took the first 20 warm up canes for You and that 20 more would follow immediately. My beautiful Mistress Georgia always delivers on what She says and she beat my ass again with another 20 cane strokes. With each stroke, i was getting into deeper head space as i knew that i would need to be really focused for Her as the really caning had not even begun yet. You informed me that You were going to give me sixty more warm up canes, in groups of twenty. As You began the first twenty strokes, You increased the intensity of the strokes. You beat my ass with the first twenty strokes, followed by another 20 hard strokes and finished up with the final 20 hard warm up strokes on my ass. i heard You sigh and i knew that You were pleased that i was taking these hard strokes so well. With each warm up stroke, i was going deeper and deeper into head space for You as i knew that i was facing the ultimate caning challenge to date from You. You went over to the bondage table but quickly returned and told me that You were going to give me 20 more warm up canes just because You wanted to make sure that i was ready to please You. These 20 cane strokes were even harder and i knew that next up was the real Mistress Georgia caning of my ass.

My warm up time was now over and the real caning from my beautiful Mistress Georgia was about to begin in earnest. You told me that when You got done caning my ass, it would be a bloody mess deserving of Your birthday celebration. You asked me if i was ready and i told You that i was ready to take my caning for You. i was determined not to mercy out and allow You to beat my ass until Your heart was content. The first strokes of my caning were so hard that You broke the first cane after 4 extremely hard strokes. You then went and retrieved another rattan cane and continued to beat my ass harshly. After about twenty five strokes, that cane also broke. You switched to one of Your metal canes and really laid into my ass. Each blow of that cane was extremely painful but i kept getting higher with each stroke. You beat my ass for quite a while with that cane and i was absolutely soaring from the severity of Your strokes on my ass. You switched to an even more severe cane and gave me 40 very hard strokes with that heavy cane. i could tell that You were really having a great time by Your heavy breathing each time You delivered a heavy blow of Your cane to my ass. It was time for You to really test me and You brought out both Your favorite cane and mine, the extremely nasty Le Brute. You gave me 20 very hard strokes with Le Brute and since You were in such a caning frenzy, You gave me another 20 even harder strokes on my ass. My ass was bleeding by this time and that pleased You very much. You went and got some paper towels and wiped the blood from my ass so that You could continue beating me severely. There was no way that You were going to grant me any mercy and You were trying to make me mercy out of the caning but obviously hoping i wouldn't so that You could continue to sadistically beat Your slave's ass. You took some time to put down some protection on the floor so that the blood from my ass from the caning would not get on the carpet. While You were putting down the protection for the carpet, You told me that there was no way that You were only going to cane my ass just twice a year on each of our birthdays and You didn't expect me to deny You the extreme pleasure of severely caning me more than twice a year. i readily agreed and suggested that since You had such a special fondness for the caning that You cane my ass at least four times a year. You eagerly agreed that this was a good idea going forward.

Once the carpet was protected, You decided to switch gears and beat my ass with some non cane implements. i am not sure what the first one was but i think that it was some type of paddle. You gave me twenty hard strokes with it followed by another 20 harder strokes. You were please but by this time You were enjoying Yourself so much that You brought out Your leather strap. You proceeded to give me 60 strokes with the strap, in series of twenty each. This bloodied my ass even more and You had to stop and wipe the blood from my ass with paper towels. Once You were done, You gave me several more strokes with the strap. To make sure that i was suffering for You, You untied the ropes on my nipples temporarily and then pulled them even tighter and tied them again on my back. My groans of pain from the pulling on my nipples gave You great pleasure of course.

Your special fondness for the cane was being satisfied but it was now time for You to ramp the caning up to an even higher level. You brought the Le Brute back out and gave me 60 more hard strokes with it. You would pause briefly after twenty strokes but You were so into caning my ass that it wasn't long before You resumed the assault on my bloodied ass. Once again, You had to blot the blood on my ass with paper towels so You could continue caning me since You certainly weren't done with caning my ass. I thought that my caning session was almost done but You once again beat my ass severely with another metal cane drawing even more blood on my ass. Once You finished caning me with the metal cane, You informed me that the final birthday caning was about to happen with 39 canes (to celebrate Your birthday) from Le Brute. i knew that these would be the hardest strokes even though my ass was already bloody. You didn't disappoint as You rained blow after hard blow with Le Brute upon my ass until You reached the count of 39 and then gave me another hard cane for good luck. You were in such a mood from caning me so harshly that You asked me if i would take more caning from You and since it was Your birthday week, i gladly responded yes and that pleased You very much. i was actually hoping that You would give me more hard strokes with Le Brute and was really glad when You asked if i would take more caning from You since i knew how much that it would please You. You gave me twenty five more extremely hard strokes from Le Brute and were finally satiated from caning Your masochistic slave. i was very glad that i had taken all the caning that You could give me and didn't mercy out even though the caning was so severe as i wanted to take the maximum caning for You for Your birthday.

You went and got more paper towels and wiped my bloody ass. You told me that You were going to put down some pads on the bondage table so that i could lay down on it once You had released me from the horse. Once the pads were on the bondage table, You undid the clamps that were holding my wrists together. You removed the leather wrist cuffs from each of my wrists and i stretched them. Next You removed the clamps from my thigh cuffs that we clamped to the horse and then proceeded to remove the thigh cuffs from me. You told me to slowly rise up from the horse and i did so pushing up with my hands with my knees still on the horse. When i lifted up with my hands, the pain from the alligator nipple clamps began to really intensify, which pleased You greatly. You removed the alligator clamps from my nipples and the pain was intense. i was able to get my knees off the horse and stood there for a while while with my hands still on the horse for balance.

You then lead me over to the table and positioned me near the center of it and told me to sit down on the bondage table. i did as i was commanded and then moved my legs down to one end and laid my head at the other end of the bondage table per Your instructions. Once i was situated properly on the bondage table, You told me that because i had taken such a severe caning for Your birthday celebration and had pleased You so much, You were going to reward me by allowing me to drink Your piss for You. i was extremely happy to hear that as i always am when You grant me this privilege and my mouth was eagerly awaiting drinking Your golden nectar. You retrieved the piss funnel and handed me the end of the tube and told me that i could hold the tube with my hands in addition to my teeth. You then proceeded to fill up the funnel with Your piss and lifted it up and Your piss began to flow into my eager mouth and down my throat. i continued to gulp Your piss between breaths until i had finished drinking all of Your piss. Of course, there was a second funnel full of piss and once You raised the funnel, i drank every last drop of Your tasty piss for You until there was none of it left in the funnel. This also pleased You very much.

You removed the hood from me and i laid on the bondage table for a while before getting up to shower. i was very, very pleased that i was able to take such a severe caning for my beautiful Mistress Georgia for Your birthday celebration since i know that it means a lot to You and it pleases You so very much.

Happy Birthday Mistress Georgia and thank You for allowing me to serve You and take all the severe sadistic tortures & canings for Your pleasure.

Your masochistic slave larry

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  1. Dear Larry,

    I congratulate you on having received this excellent caning from your mistress. Your bottom healed after how much time? How much time is made to need for you that are able to sit on a chair?